5 Questions to Catch Interest from Venues!

When it comes to pitching a charge7 power bank station to a venue, asking the right questions can make all the difference. These five questions serve as a roadmap, adaptable to any venue you’re targeting. The goal is to demonstrate how charge7 can benefit both their staff and customers.

1. What is your current charging policy?

A simple question that reveals how the venue handles customer charging needs can be incredibly enlightening. Getting to know their current approach allows you to adjust your pitch accordingly, smoothing out any potential issues and offering a hassle-free charging solution that fits seamlessly into their operation.

2. What is the average duration of customer visits?

Exploring how long customers stay and how busy the venue gets helps you see if it’s the right fit for charge7 power bank stations, especially if it sees a lot of foot traffic or longer visits, making it a prime spot for these stations.

3. Do you utilize in-app experiences or digital ordering systems?

Many venues embrace technology for enhanced services like in-app ordering and payments, but these can drain phone batteries. Highlighting how charge7 power bank stations can support customers throughout their digital interactions can underscore their value.

4. How often do you encounter low phone battery situations?

Knowing how often phones run out of battery helps tailor your pitch to match their needs. Plus, highlighting that staff can rent charge7 power banks for free adds even more value to your offer, making it even more appealing.

5. Would you be open to a complimentary charging station for your customers?

This question gauges the venue’s receptiveness to exploring the concept further. Respect their decision if they’re not immediately interested, but leave the door open for future discussions.

Adaptable Guidelines for Your Pitch

View these questions as flexible guidelines adaptable to any venue you target. The aim is to showcase how charge7 can enhance the venue’s operations and customer experience. Power bank stations offer a convenient, accessible, and safe charging solution, particularly in today’s digital age.

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