Guide to Selling Power Bank Stations to Venues

Selling the idea of power bank sharing to venues might seem challenging, especially if you’re new to the scene. But fear not, we’ve got the experience and insights to guide you through. This guide will equip you with essential strategies to present your power-packed offerings in the best light possible!

1. Key Benefits: Solving Common Problems

Imagine this scenario: Your friend’s phone is about to die, and they’re desperately searching for a charger. We’ve all been there, right? By offering a power bank sharing service, venues can provide a hassle-free solution to this common problem. Customers will appreciate the convenience of charging their devices without any fuss. It’s a value-added service that venues can offer at no extra cost!

2. Customer Retention: The Importance of Phone Charging

When pitching power bank stations to venues, emphasize the impact of phone charging on customer satisfaction and retention. A fully charged phone can make or break a customer’s experience at a venue. Make sure venues have the necessary charging solutions to keep their customers happy and engaged.

3. Assessing Demand: Understanding Customer Needs

One effective approach is to inquire about the frequency of customer requests for phone charging throughout the day. This simple question can help gauge the demand for charging solutions and tailor your pitch accordingly.

4. Lessons Learned: Insights from the Field

From trendy hangouts to bustling bars, power bank stations have become a popular amenity. Demonstrating the simplicity and effectiveness of these stations can help venues grasp their value and potential benefits.

5. Insider Insights: Key Discoveries

• Staff appreciate the relief from phone-related responsibilities.

• Venue managers can minimize issues like charger theft or loss.

• Offering phone charging can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

• Customers are often willing to pay for the convenience of charging their devices.

• Charged phones contribute to a sense of safety and comfort, particularly for female patrons.

6. Effective Pitching: What to Highlight

While charge7 may not directly attract a flood of new customers, its true value lies in the added service it provides, free of charge! Focus on these selling points:

• Meet customers‘ charging needs onsite.

• Increase customer retention and revenue by extending their stay.

• Relieve staff of charger-related responsibilities, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

• Offer a hassle-free service at minimal cost to the venue (aside from electricity usage).

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