Optimal Spots for Stations in Venues

When deciding where to position your power bank stations within venues, several factors come into play. Consider the venue’s size, layout, and station dimensions. Placement should align with the venue owner’s and staff’s preferences, ensuring it doesn’t impede their workflow. Remember, our aim is to streamline operations, not hinder them.

1. Ensure Easy Accessibility

Power bank stations should be effortlessly located and accessible. Opt for well-lit, prominent areas like lobbies, food and beverage zones, near popular attractions or exhibitions, entrances/exits, or at the venue’s focal point. Accessibility is paramount for both renters and returners alike.

2. Maximize Visibility

Make sure your station stands out with prime placement. If it blends into the background despite being in a high-traffic area, it may go underutilized. Station type affects visibility: our larger stations command attention, while smaller ones may need a boost. Position them at eye level using charge7 stands or on prominent surfaces like bars/counters.

3. Spread Them Out

For venues with multiple stations, distribute them evenly throughout the space. Avoid clustering them in one spot, especially in larger venues. If your venue spans multiple levels, ensure each floor is equipped with stations. Convenience and accessibility are key; nobody has time to hunt for a power bank!

4. Safety First

A gentle reminder: Ensure your power bank stations don’t obstruct exits, signs or emergency equipment. Safety should always take precedence in placement decisions.

5. Key to Success: Strategic Placement

The right placement is your ticket to success! It should also streamline venue staff’s interactions, making it easy for them to promote and explain the service. Concealed or hard-to-find stations defeat their purpose. Consider offering venue staff free rentals to familiarize themselves with the service; happy staff make for enthusiastic ambassadors!

6. Take a Cue from Successful Placements

For instance, placing a station at the front desk ensures visibility to students, visitors, and staff alike. Clear instructions accompanying the station enhance user experience.

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